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Developing adaptable AI driven solutions

We have the product and design expertise to exploit your data insight to the maximum, accelerating your product development and growth

Quality Assurance & Testing
We provide extreme deep testing of your technical infrastructure to protect you from operational and security risks
Scale up and optimize your business operations

We offer agile services with premium quality in record time

Rapid Prototyping & Product Development
Quickly investigate your business problem or product concept through our rapid minimal viable product design, development and delivery service.
Intellectual Property Development
Help in identifying potentially patentable areas and providing necessary intellectual firepower and expertise to make a strong case for protecting your ideas.
Full Stack Solutions, Integration & Support
Whether your goal is to develop an advanced AI engine, or wrap up AI into a full suite system and product, we have the full stack capabilities and deep expertise to help you realise your project.

Sustainable Technologies

At Optomatica we strongly believe that AI holds great promise as a multiplier of human ingenuity. With an optimistic outlook, we believe that there are fantastic discoveries to be made in Artificial Intelligence and challenging problems to be solved. Therefore, we believe in using our deep expertise and innovative edge in creating solutions for the greater good of humanity.

Optomatica Intelligence Unit

Here is where Optomatica experts work on the front line of our industry on internally driven and externally focused collaborations with clients. Our Research and Development team, led by Ph.D. professors, doctors, and engineers, know what is successful and deployable, guaranteeing your business the innovative solution you seek.

Optomatica Engineering Unit

At Optomatica, we have a full stack engineering team with capabilities built around three key areas of specialization: high performance core and edge computing, Multi-platform front end UX and AI methodologies and applications.

Optomatica Consulting Unit

Learning from the questions others have is equally important to the best in what we do. While the end point of this engagement is usually a tangible product or service our clients use with or without our continued support, the engagement itself is really closer to a consulting process then just contractors.
Optomatica Vision

Unlocking New Possibilities

Our vision is to be a world-leader in the development and deployment of innovative software, artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimization solutions that unlock new possibilities for our clients and society as a whole. We strive to use our skills and expertise to create value for our clients and drive innovation and progress in the global market.

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Intelligence Behind Solutions

Our deep expertise and versatility give us the advantage to help businesses across all industries. With over 60 years of combined experience in the field, we have grown a special liking for areas such as fintech, sports-, health-, medical tech, and conversational AI. No matter your field, business problem, or development stage, we can help you achieve your business goals by developing the smart and agile solution you need.

Revolutionizing the sports and fitness world with our broad expertise in analyzing human behavior and Artificial intelligence, Optomatica provides innovative digital coaching and guidance using AI techniques. Whether you are interested in running, skiing, fitness training, or rehabilitation, we can help develop solutions that give instant personal feedback making people more robust, healthier, and injury free.

AI in Sports Tech
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Featured products

Having world-class expertise in AI, Machine learning and optimization software, Optomatica introduces several Fintech products to help you optimize your financial situation. Whether you are interested in Portfolio Optimization, Investment Options, Banking Solutions, and/or Financial assistance, Optomatica has the expertise and know how to do it all. Integrate your solution with our products, or let us help you with something new.

AI in Fintech
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We work closely with our clients to leverage the power of AI, ML, optimization, and analysis of data within the medical field. With sensitive information and a large amount of private data that can empower the medical research field and improve medical advances, and discoveries, we have the know-how to carry out encrypted data exchange and model building in a privacy-preserving approach. With our expertise, we can help you build the model you need to answer your particular medical concern.

AI in Fintech
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Featured products

With an experienced team in NLP and Text Mining, utilizing the latest cutting edge approaches in machine and deep learning, we can give you great insights from your data. By extracting insights, knowledge and discovering patterns from your raw text, our team of analysts can transform your unstructured text in documents and databases into normalized structured data. No matter the data, Optomatica can help you retrieve the precise required information, to solve your business problem and optimize your goal.

NLP and chatbots
Aim Technologies

Tech Stack

Developing tailor-made full-stack solutions with the latest technologies and tools
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Ruby on rails
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