Optomatica is a deep-tech software consulting company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization.
We are passionate experienced team with big ambitions!


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Issued Patents

If your IP protection needs to be secured quickly to progress commercial engagement, and technologists are too slow or unsure how to write them, Optomatica is brought in to sort out patent application writing for you. Optomatica has extensive patent writing experience and can help you protect your intellectual property.

Our Latest Product

Optomatica is proud to announce its new product, AlMohasebERP- the fastest route to do e-invoicing AlMohasebERP is a software solution for managing e-invoices fully aligned and integrated with the Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA) and at the lowest price point in the market!

Learn more on www.almohaseb-erp.com

How we work

Every client is unique with a unique situation or problem. Therefore, we believe in no one-size fits all customized solutions. Whether your solution is in the form of a mobile app, a webapp, a cloud service, or as part of a dashboard, Optomatica executes fully working Artificial Intelligence based solutions and products for your business in Record Time!
Proof of Concept

Investigate and validate your business problem.


Define the requirements & specs of the Minimal Viable Product.

Full Product Development

From designing stage to final product, based on smart technologies.

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Idea of Opto

The Power to Perfect

Opto- means pertaining to sight or vision. The word origin comes from Classical Greek optós. The unique advantage here is that we always maintain a wider vision of all potentials that our solutions and products could be, basing on latest technologies in AI and machine learning.
We take great pride in our excellence, uniqueness, innovative edge and reliability. We believe in building a creative enjoyable working environment for all where all Optomaticans can experience personal growth and happiness. As a team we are passionate and supportive, sharing knowledge and driving innovative ideas together and above all being committed to excellence which is the key to our success.

Our Services

 What is your company looking for?

Optomatica offers a wide range of services based on our areas of expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization. We deliver fully tailored packages to our clients. Everything you need from Innovative ideas, Problem solving, Physical Simulation, Rapid Product Development to UI and UX design. We also offer full support and maintenance for our clients beyond the developing phases.
Optomatica provides well integrated solutions tailored to your needs from A to Z and delivers them in Record Time! Guaranteed!

App Development

We keep track of cutting edge technologies & adopt design patterns to make high-quality scalable apps.

Web and Backend

We build scalable and responsive web applications and servers that can be used for web- and mobile apps.


We apply machine learning and optimization in all the tasks related to data analysis and modeling.

UX/UI Design

We create high quality user experience & design solutions along with UI for web, mobile and watch.

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AI / Machine Learning

We keep abreast of the rapidly emerging development in Deep Learning, Differential programming, convolutional networks, etc…

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Whether you are trying to improve your supply chain, find the most efficient schedule, or improve the design of your product, optimization is key.

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Modeling & Simulation

We have broad expertise that cover physical simulation using differential equations, to modeling business scenarios using system dynamics and ABM.

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As a key driver for many applications that are in use today, we have great experience implementing NLP, applying sentiments analysis, language modeling,…

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From Smart Wearables, Smart Homes, Smart Offices and Smart Cities to Robotics, we have broad expertise in IoT essential for your business success.

We also offer support for

Rapid Product Development

With a veteran development team that is always on the bleeding edge, we can get your MVP out in very little time. Whether you are dealing with Web App or Mobile App, we have the requisite expertise. We don’t just deliver Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expertise; we understand the demands and requirements of a full product delivery.

Intellectual Property Development

Working with our partners and customers, we have authored numerous patents to help protect their intellectual property. With more than 10 international granted patents, we have a keen eye on what is patentable, and what ideas are worth protecting to deliver to you the greatest business value. We can help you identify potentially patentable areas and provide you with necessary intellectual firepower and expertise to make a strong case for protecting your ideas.

OPTO Products

Optomatica offers several AI driven products, all available for customization to fit your business needs.


Your digital race companion, helping you perform your ultimate best while enjoying the race. Wherever you are. Whenever you want!


The Fastest route
to do e-invoicing, fully aligned and integrated with the Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA) at the lowest price in the market.


A Free Smart money manager mobile app to help you manage your income and plan your spending to reach your ultimate goals!


An Efficient Light-weight Open-source Bot Authoring Tool. An AI-driven chatbot to help you facilitate seamless live communication with your customers.

Our Partners & Clients

We Collaborate Only With The Best

Our strong relationship with each client and partner has a unique story which reflects the essence of our profound expertise, deep commitment and investment. Always being in the forefront of innovative ideas, Optomatica offers all their clients and partners cutting edge well integrated AI solution through all development phases to full support and maintenance.

Explore possibilities!

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    A deep-tech software consulting company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization