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At Optomatica we build state of the art software for Desktop, mobile devices and smart watches to help users in specific domain areas. Whether you are seeking an app developed for a specific platform or an app compatible with multiple platforms, Optomatica’s team can do it all. We keep track of cutting-edge technologies and adopt design patterns to make apps scalable while making sure quality is maintained.

Decide the purpose of the app and the target audience by gathering the business needs and translating them into technical requirements.

Prototype the app user interface (UI) , design all possible use cases, set up the logic, decide the back end requirements, select the best technology and decide the development timeline with the work load.

Utilize the best-fitted frameworks and data structures to build up all components of the app logic by using one mode of development from:

– Native (for the specific platform)

  • Java/Kotlin for Android
  • Swift/Objective-C for iOS

– Cross-Platform (for faster development pipeline based on one code base for any platform)

  • Java Script as React Native
  • Dart as Flutter

Build unit testing and end-to-end testing to validate the logic and flow of each functionality and feature.

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Full Development

Here at Optomatica we understand the demands and requirements of a full product delivery and can get your MVP out in very little time. We don’t just deliver Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expertise; We deliver fully developed products from A to Z in Record time.
a graph shows the visual stage and development stage and process and design of an app
We create applications for

All Platforms

We understand the concepts and requirements for each platform,
and develop apps with native or cross-platform languages.
the tools are used in the app development
the tools are used in the app development
For specific platform.
  • Java/Kotlin for Android
  • IOS using Swift and Objective C
For faster development pipeline based on one code base for any platform
  • Java Script as React Native
  • Dart as Flutter

App development at optomatica

IoT Integration

Apps can have full control over device sensors, e.g. Accelerometer, GPS, Barometer and Bluetooth. By using bluetooth, apps can connect to external devices, e.g. HR sensors, Accelerometer sensors, Gyroscope sensors, power meters and earpods.
Nvidia Jetson
Always on the innovative edge, Optomatica uses Nvidia Jetson – an embedded computing board – to develop machine learning applications (image processing). We also use a single board computer like Raspberry Pi for less processing power applications.
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