Group 27
15 Nov: OCR: From Concept to Deployment

In this blog, we are going to focus on Tesseract since it is the state-of-the-art open-source OCR. In future blogs, we are going to explore and compare some of the other algorithms as well

Nawy App Screens
06 Oct: Successful App Delivery in Record Time!

When Nawy was looking for a partner to accelerate their tech development to bring an unparalleled user experience, they reached out to Optomatica. With many years of experience in Proptech, Nawy had a wealth of experience and technical infrastructure but they needed to get their App out very quickly..

how ai works in sports
15 Jul: Artificial Intelligence and The Sports Industry

In this short blog, we’ll see how advances in AI domains such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Time-series Analysis help develop better and more robust sports-related applications.

using Julia's capabilities like Iterate, recursion, and closures
28 Jun: Julia Iterate, Recursion and Closure

In this blog, we’ll guide you through different Julia capabilities like Iterate, recursion, and closures. We will show code snippets of how to use these features in Julia using a simple example of the Fibonacci sequence..

The ancient Saqqara and Dahshur pyramids
10 Mar: Connecting to An Ancient Spring of Creativity

Ancient Egyptians are known worldwide for their achievements in technology, science, and mathematics, and many of their discoveries remain secrets to this day…

app for ashtar blog
28 Dec: Monetizing for Greatness

No matter where you are in the world, 2020 has been a year of forced adjustment for all. Businesses and educational institutions entered completely new territory and needed to adapt fast; they either had to acknowledge the “new normal” and transform in order to address it or be left behind…

nabil adel cross the finish line at sahl hashessh endurance festival
25 Oct: Learn, Practice and Analyze your Way to Success!

How Optomatica’s CFO won 3rd place in the Sahl Hasheesh Endurance Festival 10th Edition Triathlon.

Nabil Adel, one of our own Optomaticans and CFO of Optomatica, used to cycle from a young age, but circumstances had him stop. Working at Optomatica, Nabil got acquainted with the mentality of being an Optomatican.

screen show statics
18 May: Using Basic Asset Class Diversification to Produce Better Risk Adjusted Returns than the S&P 500 and Preserve Your Wealth amid COVID-19

The intention of this article is to shed light on the importance of multi asset class diversification.

universal virus
15 Apr: Navigating COVID-19 Through Time Diversification

Nobody knows when the World will be back to normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and even if we know, no one knows when we will recover from recession. There are currently some opportunities such as junk bonds with very high yields as well as companies with strong balance sheets that experienced more than 50% devaluation. However, there is always a big risk in investing all your money at once because the market may still have not…

a t-shirt and bag of optomatica at the pyramids half marathon
26 Feb: A Race through History with AI Technology

On February 22, 2020, I raced through history. My first 10km and it couldn’t have been in a more powerful place with a greater view. I am talking about the Pyramids Half Marathon taking place at the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. I never considered myself a runner. As young, I remember running tracks in the woods and 5km races with my basketball team in Sweden. But as memory recalls, I didn’t really enjoy it.

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