Learn, Practice and Analyze your Way to Success!

Analyze your Way to Success!

How Optomatica’s CFO won the bronze medal at Sahl Hasheesh Endurance Festival – 10th Edition Triathlon

Nabil Adel, one of our own Optomaticans and CFO of Optomatica, used to cycle from a young age, but circumstances had him stop. Working at Optomatica, Nabil got acquainted with the mentality of being an Optomatican.

We at Optomatica always aim to work for the greater good. As an Optomatican you are a part of something bigger than yourself. Taking care of your health and wellbeing is therefore of utter importance.

With the support and constant encouragement from Dr. Mohammed El-Beltagy CEO and Founder of Optomatica, Nabil found his way back to cycling. Dr. Mohammed always encourages all Optomaticans to take care of and improve one’s health and make time for one’s passion. At Optomatica, we strive to find the proper life balance, giving each aspect of life the time it deserves.

“As an old cyclist enthusiast, with a lot of passion for sports, Dr. Mohammed encouraged me and other Optomaticans to run their first marathon at the pyramids of Giza. As a first timer, I opted for the 10km and since then I have been hooked. The rush and feeling of greatness got the competitor out of me. I knew I could do better!” Nabil said.
After finishing the marathon, he went and bought a bicycle, and started training and becoming more fit. His love for cycling, got him to leave his car behind and cycle to work.
MAY 2019
Nabil went to his first 2-hour team relay race.
Ran the Marathon Zayed in Suez. A great milestone as he did his personal best.
Ran the Pyramids half Marathon at the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Challenging himself, Nabil and other Optomaticans joined the Pyramids half marathon. “It was an amazing experience for all of us, said Nabil. It was a very challenging 21km track filled with uphills.”

With the great achievement under his belt, it was time to expand and see what else he could do. That's when he decided to train for the triathlon.
JULY 2020
Nabil added swimming to his workout routine, to start competing in triathlons (Cycling - Running - Swimming)
With a week before the big race, Nabil entered the Egypt Duathlon championship, running 2.5km, cycling 8km, and running another 1.25km before crossing the finish line. Nabil finished 21st overall and 4th in his age group.
October 10, 2020: THE DAY OF THE RACE
The day of the race was here and off he went! He started with a 400m swim, followed by 10km cycling and a 2.5km run.

Nabil knew he had done a great achievement! He had finally reached the pedestal and gotten himself his first well deserved bronze medal. Nabil finished 3rd in his age group and 16th overall.
So what is behind all of this success? We asked Nabil

So we asked Nabil how he could do it from a guy who forgot about cycling and then finished the 3rd in Trifactor in Sahl Hasheesh and 4th in (Egypt Duathlon championship)?

…Determination and Motivation! I practiced, I observed, I analyzed, I learned, and I kept repeating!, he said,

…I learned a lot, by watching the videos and pictures my friends took of me. We analyzed my form and realized my mistakes in running positions and transactions.

Nabil learned a lot about his transactions between cycling, running, and swimming even the way he changed his clothes mattered. He observed, learned, and practiced, just like artificial intelligence and machine learning using computer vision with extra-human motivation.

Optomatica gives you insights while keeping your data safe!

In the world of artificial intelligence, we try to imitate the logic and learning of the human brain. We train machines to replicate the same logic a human goes through. By training the computer with machine learning to read, process, analyze, validate, and test the huge amount of data to make predictions, we can create innovative solutions that are AI-driven and self-learning in order to self-improve. The more data we have, the better insights! And in the world of the world wide web, we couldn’t have more!