Successful App delivery in Record Time!

Accelerating Nawy’s App First Strategy Execution

When Nawy was looking for a partner to accelerate their tech development to bring an unparalleled user experience, they reached out to Optomatica. With many years of experience in Proptech, Nawy had a wealth of experience and technical infrastructure but they needed to get their App out very quickly, concurrent with their rebranding and marketing efforts. They needed a partner that could easily work with their technical team and execute fast! 

showing the Nawy App executives
From left to right: Mohamed Abou Ghanima, Abdel-Azim Osman, Mostafa El Beltagy, Aly Rafea and Ahmed Rafea.

Nawy is a real estate company providing high-level expertise in real estate sales all over Egypt. With a one-stop real estate search engine platform, Nawy offers detailed insights on available properties and compounds for both owners and buyers not only through their website but also, increasingly, through their mobile application developed by Optomatica. 

With the objective of maximizing engagement in mind, Nawy needed an app that effortlessly communicates with their customers and provides them with an easier and faster user experience and notifications, always keeping their customers up to date with the latest information. 

We knew that Optomatica is the go-to company in any service related to software engineering and that they would develop the high-quality solution we seek, said Aly Rafea, co-founder and Product Director at Nawy.

Selected for their expertise and development speed and quality, Optomatica was tasked to design and develop a cross-platform mobile application to serve Nawy customers and solve software engineering problems related to day-to-day manual work that Nawy wanted to automate. It was pivotal to get a product to market fast with the best well-integrated, deployable, and user-friendly application.

showing screenshots of nawy app
showing screenshots of nawy app

All app development phases, including UI &UX design, app logic, APIs, automation availability, and backend infrastructure, were developed in synergy to ensure the highest quality, best deployability, and the friendliest app experience. 

Within a short time frame of eight weeks, Optomatica delivered a full product solution in less than six weeks, with the last two weeks for small enhancements, testing, and bug fixing. Working closely together, the Optomatica design team, front-end developers, and back-end developers worked in synergy on building the app from A-Z while enhancing and updating the backend infrastructure.

By moving away from PHP and creating APIs on Ruby on Rails, we separated frontend and backend for easier and faster future development, and for app and website to function on the same platform, said Heba Khazbak, senior developer and project leader at Optomatica. Using the latest technology, we built the cross-platform app using Flutter. It was essential to provide them with the latest innovative technologies in all phases so that their solution can evolve with ease without any future complications once handed over, engineer Heba continued.

Evaluating our performance to improve constantly, we at Optomatica are happy to see the great success of Nawy and their rise in the Egyptian market and have the honor to be a part of their journey. We were also pleased to extend our collaboration to include our analytics team specializing in AI, ML, and optimization. With a great app and website in place, Optomatica is now helping to provide Nawy with valuable insights from their data to track, discover, and analyze their business process and performance to evolve their business to the next level.

Giving the last word to Nawy Product director and co-founder Aly Rafea, we asked him to evaluate his experience with Optomatica. 

Work with Optomatica without thinking twice. We achieved 100% of our objectives. The team deals with the products they are launching as if it is their own. They understand the customer needs and design and develop based on the customer needs only. The support we got from the design phase to the launch phase was extraordinary. The design was very smooth and customer friendly, and the implementation was very neat. Everything went very smoothly and very fast. Optomatica is unquestionably the go-to company in any service related to software engineering!

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