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By automatically learning from data and different experiences using statistical analysis, we implement AI and ML in all required tasks.
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Optomatica specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Always being on the innovative edge, we lead in the rapid emerging development in Deep Learning, Neural Network (NN), Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM), Regression, Statistical Analysis and Data Modeling. Julia, Tensorflow and Keras are main technologies and platforms used for machine learning. By automatically learning from data and different experiences using statistical analysis, Optomatica implements AI and ML in all its tasks.

Data Modeling & Analysis
Understanding complex dynamics within the system and establishing relations between different data objects for the sake of evaluation through descriptive analysis, predictive analysis and reports generation.
Segmentation & Clustering
Exploring the common behavior patterns hidden in users data to uniquely target each group of users with a customized solution.
Performance Analysis
Generating insights and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that characterize the underlying system and measure the quality of its functions.
Quality Assurance & Testing
We provide extreme deep testing of your technical infrastructure, delivering resilient systems that mitigate security and operational risks, before hitting production.

Optimization is Key!

Optimization is what we thrive on here at Optomatica. We have the power to perfect anything and everything by algorithms and mathematical optimization. With our extensive expertise in applying a plethora of techniques we can solve your business problem and deliver you fast results. We work with deployed systems that cover the gamut from traditional mathematical programming approaches to state of the art techniques.

Optomatica utilizes a plethora of techniques
Multi Objective Programming
Integer Programming
Evolutionary Algorithms

Tools & Technologies

At Optomatica we are always at the edge of using latest latest technologies and tools. Julia, Tensorflow and Keras are at the core of these technologies used for machine learning.

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Implementing AI, ML & Optimization

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