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Portfolio Optimization with Insights
Get control over your financial assets

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portfolio optimization with insights

Traditionally, you now depend on brokerage firms, or assets managers to manage your assets. You don’t want to be a day trader and yet you want to have control over your risk and returns. The question that arises: How do you get control over financial assets?


OPTOFOLIO is a financial portfolio management tool taking portfolio optimization to a new level
Full Control over your financial assets
Multi-level visualization
Visualize and explore different models in different time periods
Full customization
Full customization from the ground up
What does optofolio do?
1. Assets Selection
Enable the user to select and explore different assets
Select and compare different models in the validation period
2. Optimization
Combine the “training” & “validation” periods to generate new model
3. Exploration
SOM Portfolio Optimization Exploration
4. Tracking
How is the portfolio performing? Is it within the bounds of expected returns and risk?
5. Refinement
Adjust to stay on track, or migrate to new target a minimal cost.


While other products offers good tools for portfolio management, we utilize full potential of portfolio optimization giving you full control over your assets.

  • Single Objective and Multi-objective Models
  • Portfolio Frontier Exploration
  • Self Organizing Maps (SOM) Portfolio Visualization
  • Visual Comparison of different portfolios
  • Evaluate multiple model scenarios over time
  • Rebalancing your portfolio
  • White labeling

A financial portfolio management tool taking portfolio optimization to a new level



Optofolio allows you to select among diverse models to optimize your portfolio. It provides you with visualization, insights for your portfolios. Whether you aim at minimizing risk, maximizing return, or combination of both, Optofolio is fully-customized to meet your goals.

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