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At Optomatica we build well integrated AI and Optimization solutions. Utilizing the following technologies we develop you the right solution to your business problem. Our focus is on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization, as well as Modeling and Simulation, Intellectual Property Development, and Rapid Product Development. We understand these technologies fully and we have a great deal of experience in putting them into action in production systems to maximize their value to your business. Whether it is in the form of a mobile app, a web app, a cloud service, or as part of a dashboard, Optomatica can deliver fully working AI solutions and products for your company in Record Time!
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Machine Learning

We keep abreast of the rapidly emerging development in Deep Learning, Differential programming, convolutional networks, etc. However, our experience has taught us that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to tackle a given machine learning challenge. Sometimes, more traditional ML techniques might be more suited to the problem at hand. We work closely with our partners and customers to design a machine learning solution that best matches their needs. That includes inter-alia, accuracy, computational requirement, deployment modularity.

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There is more to Artificial Intelligence than machine learning. We have expertise in Natural Language Processing (in its broadest sense), probabilistic logic networks, logic programming, learning classifier systems, rule based systems, and Bayesian networks. All these have applications and uses, especially when massive training is not readily obtainable.

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Whether you are trying to improve your supply chain, find the most efficient schedule, or improve the design of your product, optimization is key. We have expertise in applying a plethora of techniques to whatever problem you give us. Our broad and extensive expertise can be applied to deliver results fast. We worked with deployed systems that cover the gamut from traditional mathematical programming approaches to state of the art nature inspired techniques.

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Modeling & Simulation

To experiment with strategies in a simulated environment is orders-of-magnitude cheaper than trying it out blindly in the real world. We have broad expertise that cover physical simulation using differential equations, to modeling business scenarios using system dynamics and agent based models.

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Computer Vision

At Optomatica we use Artificial Intelligence based algorithms that can extract complex features from digital images to help understand the context of such images and videos. By identifying key objects in images, we apply Computer Vision (CV) to instantly recognize, classify, locate, and allocate different objects. We estimate the trajectory of moving objects in videos and train computers to “see” and gain high-level understanding in order to extract useful information.

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Natural language processing (NLP) is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the means by which computers can process and analyze natural language data. NLP is the key driver for many applications that are in use today including but not limited to: Spam filtering, Spelling checkers, intelligent assistants such as Siri and Alexa, voice text messaging, and machine translators. At Optomatica we have a great experience in implementing NLP and applying some of the following: Sentiment Analysis, text classification and clustering, intelligent text annotation, Language modeling.

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Rapid Product Development

With a veteran development team that is always on bleeding edge, we can get your MVP out in very little time. Whether you are dealing with Web App or Mobile App, we have the requisite expertise. We don’t just deliver AI and ML expertise, we understand the demands and requirements of a full product delivery.

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In today’s world, we are surrounded by smart devices and applications in all industries. Internet of Things (IoT) is now essential for your business success. Whether you seek to implement IoT inside your company or provide it to your customers, Optomatica offers you the customized solutions you seek. By deploying AI, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision, we build software defined autonomous machines across multiple industries. From Smart Wearables, Smart Homes, Smart Offices, and Smart Cities to Robotics, Optomatica’s broad expertise in IoT will help you achieve the efficiency and enhancement you need to increase the value of your business.

Latest project Areas

We Deliver Smart and Flexible Solutions

Are you interested in unique insights from your data? Are you trying to build and/or optimize an Artificial Intelligence solution? Or would you like to model a complex problem?
No matter your field, business problem or development stage, Optomatica is here to help you! Contact us today and let Optomatica develop a complete and well integrated AI solution for your company in Record Time!
Smart Sports

Revolutionizing the health, sports and fitness world with our broad expertise in Artificial intelligence, Optomatica provides smart digital coaching and guidance using AI techniques. Whether you are interested in running, skiing, fitness training or rehabilitation, we can help you develop your solution to be stronger, healthier and injury free.

Conversational AI

Using conversational AI and deep learning techniques, Optomatica has created an open-source AI-driven chatbot, Optobot, ready for you to customize and build to fit your business needs. simulates a human conversation through text, helping you automate and make data-driven decisions from your large amount of data. Whether you use it to digitalize and improve customer relations, or as a personal digital assistant, Optobot is the perfect tool for you.


Having world-class expertise in AI, Machine learning and optimization software, Optomatica introduces several Fintech products to help you optimize your financial situation. Whether you are interested in Portfolio Optimization, Investment Options, Banking Solutions, and/or Financial assistance, Optomatica has the expertise and know how to do it all. We have full product development customizable to your requirements. Whether you are interested in our products; Optofolio – a financial portfolio optimization platform with insights, and Optofolio RFA – a robotic financial advisor, or developing your own solution, Optomatica is here for you.

Augmented Reality

Merging digital visual and audio content, Optomatica uses AR to develop software applications to enhance real natural environments and situations to offer perceptually enriched experiences in a virtual world. Whether you are trying to simulate first aid preventive rescue measures or create holographic video conferences, Optomatica has the solution for you.

AI Text Mining

With an experienced team in NLP and Text Mining, utilizing the latest cutting edge approaches in machine and deep learning, we can give you great insights from your data. By extracting insights, knowledge and discovering patterns from your raw text, our team of analysts can transform your unstructured text in documents and databases into normalized structured data. No matter the data, Optomatica can help you retrieve the precise required information, to solve your business problem and optimize your goal.

We’re constantly refining your product. Adding new features. Working to help your business grow.
Proof of Concept

By investigating your business problem, we provide a concrete model of the capability of AI technology to solve and validate your business problem.


With a veteran development team that is always on the bleeding edge, we can get your MVP out in very little time. We define the requirements and specs of the Minimal Viable Product for your business problem.

Design & development

From UI/UX designing stage to the final product, based on smart technologies, we develop fully integrated solutions on any platform.

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