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A product is not fully complete without a proper UI and UX design. Our team of experienced designers will perfect your product and brand, and give you the best intuitive design interface and experience for your product’s ultimate success! Always on the innovative edge, Optomatica guarantees to deliver you the latest trends in the world of digital designs.
We work tightly with customers and developers to build the best-quality experiences, across all devices, that users love!
CX Design Mindset

Here we focus on the emotional connection to the brand, and design products with the customer in mind. By following a psychological approach to customer experience (CX) to enhance the storytelling of the product and the loyalty to the brand, we create extraordinary and compelling CX designs for the entire customer journey. We understand that improving a person’s experience with the solution at all touchpoints, whether in an app, website, or software, is the key to the ultimate satisfaction.

UX Design

In user experience (UX) design the focus lies in providing, improving, and optimizing the quality of the interactions between the user and the digital product. With always advocating for the users’ needs, we create meaningful and relevant experiences with branding, design, usability, and function in mind, while achieving your ultimate business goals.

UI Design

At this level of the design, we focus on appearances whether it’s in visual branding, iconography, elements, features, etc. Attention goes to the look or style of the digital solution, and how it will tap into the users’ attitudes, beliefs, and feelings. Our aim is to create designs with an easy to use and pleasurable interface while ensuring the emotional connection.


Gathering and evaluating user requirements, in collaboration with product managers and engineers.

User Experience

We ask and answer questions such as; Is there already any other equivalent product or service out there in the target market? Is there any other solution being used by people that is useful enough but not perfect? Finally, and accordingly, we work to answer the ultimate question; how can a better UX design make a difference?”

Sketching and
User Journeys

Illustrating design ideas using storyboards, process flows, and sitemaps. Much of the user experience design is about solving problems for users. Therefore, we craft user journeys in our design to focus on how a specific end-user interaction fits into a larger context.

UX Wireframes and
Interactive Prototype

Creating a visual representation of the product using wireframes. The process is iterative; in its essence, we work to find the best answer to the question of how a user flow carries out though an App or site under different use case scenarios?


Visual design is the last step where a style guide and final specs are crafted before handed-off to developers. It’s not only about making things beautiful, but an opportunity to outline, or implement a brand color-scheme and affect usability with layout, visual hierarchy, and contrast.

Testing and

Collaborating with the marketing team, and internal and external designers, to ensure the creation and delivery of tailored experiences for the digital user.

Great product design starts with
Good Collaboration
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Optomatica offers you all stages of product development, from implementation of AI, ML, Optimization to UI/UX designs

To create delightful experiences, one needs to transcend the boundaries of functional design and enter into the universe of emotional design.


Complete Solutions
We Deliver High-Quality Customer Experiences
We create complete solutions for our clients, across all platforms. Whether it’s in the form of mobile apps, smart watch apps, web apps, or websites, we design full spec solutions ready to be delivered to the development. We also work closely with development teams to ensure the quality of all solutions.

Through careful listening and user research.
Regardless of the project area, we provide our clients with a comprehensive study to make their products stand out.


Information architecture and usability test. We provide our clients with interactive prototypes where they can test themselves before the development phase takes place.


Visual and interaction design. Whether it is a simple feature to add to a current design or a totally new app design, we can provide you with the best latest practices in the field.

We Design for All Platforms 
We understand the concepts and requirements for each platform,
and design apps, dashboards, websites and much more.
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Optomatica is a deep-tech software consulting company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization.
We have deep expertise and know-how in developing innovative AI solutions and well-integrated designs that make us stand out in the global market. Enter the world of AI, with Optomatica today!
A deep-tech software consulting company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization.


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