Engineering unit

We understand the behaviour of behaviour data and can distinguish signal from noise

At Optomatica, our experts work on the frontline of our industry on internally-driven and externally focused collaborations with academic, industry, and governmental partners. Our analytics team continuously strive to deepen the understanding of “the behaviour of behavioural data” and the challenges and opportunities that come with trying to understand it and improve its performance. The key is to get every greater handle on what is a ‘signal’ and what is ‘noise’, generated by the different kinds of information through which we view the world.

Areas of Specialisation

At Optomatica, we have a full-stack engineering team with capabilities built around three key areas of specialisation.

High-performance core edge computing
Julia, AWS, Network Optimisation, P2P Configuration, Big Data/Hadoop Engineering, Programming Languages and more.
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Multi-platform front end UX design
We understand the concepts and requirements for each platform: desktop, web, tablet, smartphone, smart watches, design apps, dashboards, websites and much more.
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AI methodologies and applications
Text Mining, Augmented Reality, Conversational AI, Machine Learning, Fintech, Computer Aided Vision and more.
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Smart Sports

Revolutionising the health, sports and fitness world with our broad expertise in Artificial intelligence, Optomatica provides smart digital coaching and guidance using AI techniques. Whether you are interested in running, skiing, fitness training or rehabilitation, we can help you develop your solution to be stronger, healthier and injury-free.

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Conversational AI

Using conversational AI and deep learning techniques, Optomatica has created an open-source AI-driven chatbot, Optobot, ready for you to customise and build to fit your business needs. simulates a human conversation through text, helping you automate and make data-driven decisions from your large amount of data. Whether you use it to digitalise and improve customer relations or as a personal digital assistant, Optobot is the perfect tool for you.

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Having world-class expertise in AI, Machine Learning and Optimisation software, Optomatica introduces several Fintech products to help you optimise your financial situation. Whether you are interested in Portfolio Optimisation, Investment Options, Banking Solutions, and/or Financial assistance, Optomatica has the expertise and know-how to do it all. We have full product development customisable to your requirements. Interested in our products, Optofolio – a financial portfolio optimisation platform with insights, and Optofolio RFA – a robotic financial advisor or developing your own solution, Optomatica is here for you.

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AI Text Mining

With an experienced team in NLP and Text Mining, utilising the latest cutting edge approaches in machine and deep learning, we can give you great insights from your data. By extracting insights, knowledge and discovering patterns from your raw text, our team of analysts can transform your unstructured text in documents and databases into normalised structured data. No matter the data, Optomatica can help you retrieve the precise required information, to solve your business problem and optimise your goal.

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Augmented Reality

Merging digital visual and audio content, Optomatica uses AR to develop software applications to enhance real natural environments and situations to offer perceptually enriched experiences in a virtual world. Whether you are trying to simulate first aid preventive rescue measures or create holographic video conferences, Optomatica has the solution for you.

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Recent project areas

We create smart and flexible solutions

We design and develop complete and well-integrated AI solutions no matter your field, industry, business problem or development stage.
Native and cross-platform

We create apps for all platforms

We understand the concepts and requirements for each platform and develop applications with native or cross-platform languages.

Other expertise areas

Behavioural information

Intelligence Unit

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Complete & integrated solutions

Consulting Unit

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